Corona in hospitals and nursing homes: Protection for nursing staff through contactless patient communication via app

The coronavirus continues to keep the world in suspense. Avoiding personal contact is still the most important factor in containing the COVID19 pandemic. While in many areas there are measures to prevent infections, there is a lot of backlog demand in the healthcare sector. However, help is provided by […]

Know your customer: How this could benefit the healthcare system

The legitimacy check “Know your customer” has been known for a long time, e.g. when opening bank accounts, when issuing identity cards and in official […]

What about digitization in the healthcare system? About the adventurous odyssey through healthcare today

A comment about digitalization: In numerous areas of our life we let ourselves be supported by modern applications. To be honest, I find it helpful, pleasant, it saves time, improves communication, simplifies processes, keeps me informed – in short … […]

Digital transformation of processes at Topolšica Hospital: The patient in the first place

In the area of transformation from a paper to electronic world, Topolsica Hospital is quite unique in Slovenia. They are the first hospital in the […]

The future of patient care is digital: Which solution providers will drive the digitization of healthcare?

There are now numerous solution providers for digitalization in the healthcare sector. Which of them set the tone and which countries are ahead in digitization? One thing is clear: […]

A before and after example of digitization in patient care: How hospitals gain efficiency while nursing staff and patients become more satisfied

Digitization in the healthcare sector is advancing worldwide. However, even in a modern country like Germany, it has by no means reached all hospitals. In this article you will learn how patients often experience reality and what a hospital stay could be like thanks to digitalization. A true story. […]

Agile clinic: Just a fashion trend – or a future-oriented model?

Agile collaboration is a complex and multifaceted task. For example, Mercedes management is introducing agile processes in all business units in order to become even more competitive. Many medium-sized companies already have implemented agile procedures […]

Electronic patient files for everybody: Digitization in the healthcare sector Down Under

What is still being discussed in Germany has already become reality in Australia: the electronic patient file. The Commonwealth government introduces the use of electronic patient files via […]

The way to the digital fever curve: The only thing that makes sense is the complete integration of all systems

The fever curve of every patient in the hospital is the central work tool for doctors and nurses. In most health care facilities, the temperature curve is still handwritten. It is therefore often prone to errors and can only be used […]

German Federal Minister of Health wants to push digitization: Great interest in solutions that do not need to be developed first

“Health policy, health care, health professions in times of digital change” This was the motto for the opening of the Capital Congress 2019 in Berlin […]

How digitalization relieves caregiving staff: More efficient processes thanks to app notifications instead of classic nurse calls

Nursing staff can now find out immediately via app what patients actually need or want. This is a considerable advantage over the conventional patient bell […]

Modern therapies for diabetes: Digitalization plays an important role

Diabetes is a disease that is on the increase worldwide. In Germany alone, more than 6 million people have diabetes – and the trend is rising. In order to avoid damage to organs and body parts in this disease, it is important to detect it early and treat it correctly […]