German Federal Minister of Health wants to push digitization: Great interest in solutions that do not need to be developed first

“Health policy, health care, health professions in times of digital change”

This was the motto for the opening of the Capital Congress 2019 in Berlin on 21 May. The declared aim of the current government under Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn is to resolutely drive forward the change in digitization: “We must raise the standards again, instead of getting lost in the small and small. To achieve this, politicians must once again formulate the demands of design more clearly,” he said at the opening of the three-day event in Berlin.

The specialist provider ClinicAll will also be presenting digitisation solutions that are currently in demand: Jens Spahn did not miss the opportunity to visit this company to take a look at the software and the Beside terminals developed by ClinicAll.

The figures make it clear how important the topic of digitization is now also considered by the German government.

According to these figures, the U.S. government has passed two major laws to introduce electronic patient records and digitization, the second of which was already passed in 2009 and involves an investment program of 36 billion U.S. dollars. “In Germany,” according to the statement on the homepage of the Capital Congress, “such a tour de force for society as a whole is still pending. During his visit to the ClinicAll booth, Jens Spahn also emphasized in direct conversation which efforts for digitalization are currently planned by the government.

The timeframe for the introduction of the new digital services is very tight. This is especially important for companies like ClinicAll, since the technical solutions are already available and proven in practice and do not need to be developed first.

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Picture: ClinicAll