PatientCareNews guidelines for authors, press and PR agencies

Conditions for publishing articles on

(1) Content and topics of PatientCareNews

PatientCareNews is a specialist magazine for thought leaders in health and care. Its main topics are: Success methods in patient care, digitalization and technology in health and care, patient journeys, process optimization in health care and related areas such as data security, efficiency, integration of technologies, cost efficiency, digital and analog care, hospital organization, etc.

To make sure that your contribution proposal fits the profile of PatientCareNews, we recommend that you consult us in advance.

(2) Exclusivity of contributions

As a rule, PatientCareNews publishes articles that are written exclusively for the magazine. The texts (including excerpts thereof) may not be used in other media.

This extensive exclusivity ensures, among other things, that the authors’ articles are placed high up in search engines and are easier to find (and are not devaluated as “double content” or “duplicated content” and moved to the back of the search results).

(3) PR and press texts

To a certain extent, experts and companies can do PR for themselves and their topic with individually written texts. The utility value of the contributions for the reader must always be in the foreground and outweigh. Here, too, it makes sense to coordinate the content before sending it in.

PR and press texts that are sent out en masse or are predominantly promotional or have no benefit for the reader are not usually published.

(4) Content Marketing, Sponsored Content, Advertorials, Adverticles etc.

Contributions from professional content producers in the fields of content marketing and sponsored content, in particular advertorials, adverticles and articles with the primary aim of link building, do not correspond to the current profile of PatientCareNews and therefore cannot be published.

(5) Text length

Contributions should be no shorter than 400 words and no longer than 1,600 words. Contributions with 1000 to 1200 words will be especially noticed by search engines (as of June 2020). For topics that require longer texts, it is also possible to split them up for a multi-part series.

(6) Graphical material

Each contribution contains at least one picture. This can be a photo, a graphic or an illustration. Please send us image material separately (not embedded in the text) as jpg files.

Title photos must be in landscape format and have a minimum size of 720 x 1280 pixels (16:9) or 768 x 1024 (4:3). Photos in continuous text are also possible in portrait format. However, the short side length should also be at least 720 pixels.

You are welcome to send us all photos with larger formats and in higher resolution.

PatientCareNews reserves the right to optimize photos for online use (reduction of file size for faster loading time), to crop, to use cut-outs and to improve contrast and colour values.

(7) Text format

Please send us your text unformatted as a Word or OpenOffice or LibreOffice document. Please do not use hyphenation. Footnotes cannot be included due to our format. Please use references to further information in your continuous text instead of footnotes. Highlighting is possible in bold or italics.

(8) Headings

We would be pleased to receive your suggestion for a title heading. However, the final headline will be decided internally by the editors.

For good reader guidance, we also recommend that you subdivide your text and use subheadings.

(9) Rights of use

By providing PatientCareNews with your content and media (e.g. texts, photos, videos) for publication, you assure that you are the owner of the rights of use and grant PatientCareNews unlimited use of the content and media. PatientCareNews reserves the right to change and shorten the contents and media.

(10) Third party rights

With the submission you also assure that no rights of third parties are infringed with the submitted contributions and materials. Contributions and materials offered for publication must be free of third-party rights.

If they have been offered for publication or commercial use elsewhere, this must be stated.

(11) Rights for image and film material

In the case of photos and films you also assure that the persons shown agree to the publication. For this you need a written declaration of consent from these persons.